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The Kingdom is a game modification for the Bethesda Softworks game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

It includes a completely new wold in which the player can explore a new and exciting environment, free of the Tamriel world.

This wiki serves as a homepage while the mod is in development. It contains all the latest information about the mod and how it is progressing. It also contains maps, lore, geographical information and screen shots and concept designs.


Latest News and Information:

6-10-06 :- I am leaving the Project - AP Erebus
I am leaving the project. After almost 1 year working on The Kingdom I am afraid that I have become less enthused than I should be. The project is quite ambitious and the fact that the CS was much less useful in the terrain creation part that I hoped meant that it was just to trying for me. Also my computer just isn't strong enough to run the CS with any decent work (or Oblivion for that matter).

I really hope that this project will see the light of day one day but the scope may hold it back. I would like to thank all those that have helped/contributed to the project. Expecially NRG753 who has done a great job on the new site and the images and Agent Griff whose efforts and contributions always were of high quality and constant. Thanks heaps.


It was fun while it lasted and I really enjoyed it and you may see me making Oblivion mods in the future (probably only dungeons though).


Many Thanks,

Alastair Pitts (AP Erebus)


Copyright Information:

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion™

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The Kingdom

© 2006 The Kingdom Mod Team. All content is © of The Kingdom Mod Team, permission should be sought before using any content found on this site. If content is used, full credit must be given.




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